Facials & Peels

Our estheticians/skin specialists offer a wide variety of specialty services – too many to list here. We will customize your treatments according to our evaluation of your individual needs and may recommend additional treatments (sometimes – not always - with added cost because we use the highest quality professional products). For first time clients who are unfamiliar with all the options, let us consult with you in advance or while we perform our basic services and go from there!
For continued correction and maintenance, home care is strongly recommended after all facial services.

Peel Facials

Other Peels

  • Pumpkin Enzyme: For all ages and includes a facial – $85.00
  • Salacylic: For acne skin – $85.00
  • Lactic: For aging and sensitive skin – $85.00
  • Mancelic: For combination skin – $85.00

Cosmeceutical Facials with LED Light Therapy

  • Collagen Expert: 80 Minutes – $115.00
  • Hyperpigmentation & Dark spots: 80 Minutes – $125.00